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Virtualized System Performance

Improve VMware and Hyper-V virtual server performance, reduce total IOPs and improve disk latency. Guest defragmentation improves system performance, reduces backup times and boosts productivity for end users and system administrators.

Server/Desktop PC Performance

Improve physical server and desktop/laptop performance while improving productivity and extending system lifecycles. Server defragmentation eliminates I/O bottlenecks and optimizes application performance. PC defragmentation improves end user productivity and efficiency.

Intelligent Storage Reclamation

Reclaim valuable wasted storage space on thin-provisioned guests and storage controllers that support SCSI UNMAP, or on thick-provisioned guests using zero detection/dedupe. Space reclamation supports intelligent storage management and optimizes storage availability.
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Ransomware Recovery

InstantRecovery restores systems corrupted by malware/ransomware in the time it takes to reboot. System recovery has never been faster; immediately restore exactly what was on a system. Recover from malware/ransomware, failed Windows or application updates, viruses or any system corruption.

System Administration

Remote Windows administration tools help manage and control network servers, PCs/desktops and Services giving system administrators flexible management across their entire domain.

OpenVMS Solutions

Most Open VMS (OVMS) systems don't reach their performance potential without assistance regardless of size or configuration. Raxco Software technology can optimize system performance, enable remote access and facilitate system management across VAX, Alpha and Itanium platforms.
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Our Consumer Products

PC Speed and Performance

Keep your PC running like new so that you can work and play faster with award-winning tools.

System Recovery

Quickly restore a system corrupted by malware/ransomware in the time it takes to reboot. System recovery has never been faster; immediately restore exactly what was on a system. Recover from malware/ransomware, failed Windows or application updates, viruses or any system corruption.

PC Security

Protect your privacy and your PC from ransomware and malware threats in real-time the way typical antivirus software does not know how.
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Product Spotlight


PerfectStorage is an intelligent storage management solution for thin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity, allows for better storage management and forecasting, and delays future storage purchases.

Storage administrators typically resort to cumbersome, time-consuming manual and command-line tools to reclaim space. These tools can also result in failed applications and services, which can lead to a cascading effect of disgruntled users, system problems, and calls to the help desk. PerfectStorage provides a smart, automated reclaim method that only zero-fills or unmaps clusters that have not already been zeroed or unmapped, saving significant resources. This allows for a much more efficient use of resources, and because it's all automated, saves admins hours of valuable time managing storage.

PerfectStorage helps reclaim storage for thin-provisioned environments, Rather than accept regular, ongoing purchases of additional disk space, including the disk space, disk shelves, fiber ports, SAN-ports, rack space, floor space and cooling, you can choose PerfectStorage, at a fraction of the cost.

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Raxco Blog

GAO Study Says Cyber Insurers Limiting Coverage Limits For Healthcare

The US General Accountability Office (GAO) recently concluded a study of the cyber insurance industry and found that insurers are limiting coverage limits for the healthcare sector. Healthcare continues to incur attacks that increase the insurers liabilities.

Colonial Pipeline's Ransomware Attack is Cautionary Tale

May's cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline should be a cautionary tale for any organization where the business involves critical infrastructure and this includes utilities, hospitals, school systems and municipal governments.

Don't Let a Ransomware Attack Lead to Your Unemployment

When ransomware strikes, an organization's first reaction is to restore operations; the second reaction is to look for someone to blame. It is not uncommon for the IT Manager to be dismissed in the wake of an attack.
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